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To build our nation and get justice and recognition for the people of Chameria.

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About Festim Lato

Festim Lato is the president of the Republic of Chameria. He was born in Vlore, Albania from a family who fled from Chameria during the last years of World War II.

For many years it has been his personal mission to restore the rights and dignity of the Cham people who have been a victim of historical crimes and injustice.

The president believes in international dialogue, so that through political and diplomatic means we can reach our goal of a free and prosperous Chameria.

In order to gain freedom and justice for the Cham people he actively engages with the international community and is in contact with representatives of many governments to get the “Cham Issue” on the agenda.

On 3 October 2017 President Festim Lato became an officially recognized diplomat at the United Nations with the diplomatic rank of Director of Western Balkan Affairs.

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Register to become a citizen of the Republic of Chameria. Citizenship is open to all Cham people and their supporters. You can start the application process by filling out the registration form by clicking on the button below. The government administration will follow up with a procedure to guarantee a proper course of action and prepare the required documents once all the requirements have been met.


Our Goals

The goal of the government of the Republic of Chameria is to represent the Cham people to the best of its ability. It does this by offering basic government services to its citizens and to represent the Cham people at home and abroad. The government actively engages in international dialogue to campaign for the return of confiscated land and property and to gain recognition for the historical and continuous national identity of the Cham people and the Chamerian territory.

The rights of Chams to freely declare their national affiliation
1.  The rights of Chams and Arvanites living in Chameria to freely declare the affiliation of their national pertinence ;


1.1.             The right of free declaration of political conviction;

1.2.             The right of free declaration of cultural and religious beliefs

Return of land
Albanian language use
Right to know
Cultural rights
Political rights
On 30 October 2016 the Chamerian people through an all-inclusive Assembly made their will to the world known by proclaiming the independence of Chameria.


  • Declaration of Independence of Chameria
  • President’s speech to the Assembly



Chamber of Commerce of Chameria

We provide active support to companies, organisations and individuals who see business opportunities in Chameria. Our Chamber of Commerce organises frequent meetings for those interested in becoming part of a business network with a focus on one of the regions of Europe with the most potential for growth. The Chamber of Commerce also organises economic missions where business partners are able to meet with other businesses and governmental and nongovernmental institutions. 


Our Mission

The Government of the Republic of Chameria is actively pursuing diplomatic relations with national governments and international institutions all over the world. Prime Minister Festim Lato, his cabinet and his advisors have met with government representatives from a large number of countries. The mission to represent Chameria and to gain recognition and support for the people continues and many more official visits will follow.


Our Cabinet

The government of the Republic of Chameria is elected based on the constitution and is headed by the elected president, Festim Lato. An overview of the various members of his cabinet is shown below.


Latest News

The latest news about Chameria and press releases from the government of the Republic of Chameria.

On 10 December 2017 a manifestation and conference to gather and inform the Cham people about the activities of the government of the Republic of Chameria was held on the central square in Vlorë, Albania. It was organized by the Republic of Chameria President Festim Lato. A large crowd of over a tho

On 20 September 2017, the Chamerian president Festim Lato participated in a conference in Brussels organized by the ALDE party and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The event with Estonian Prime-Minister Jüri Ratas focused on the Estonian Presidency of the EU, which is currently half way. The Prime-

On 26 to 28 June 2017 president Festim Lato participated in several conferences in Edinburgh, Scotland. These conferences were organised by several Scottish political parties and took place in the Scottish parliament. The first conference on 26 June was titled: Sharing Perspectives on the Rights of

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