Letter to Prime Minister Edi Rama (31-01-2018)

Dear Prime-Minister Edi Rama,

It is with surprise and shock that we learnt of the agreements made by the Albanian government with Greece.

The Government of the Republic of Chameria condemns this deal that sees Greece gain 12 miles of territory at the expense of Chameria and Albania.

We call upon you and the rest of the Albanian government to withdraw from this agreement and instead think of future generation Chams and Albanians who will be disadvantaged due to this misguided agreement.

Giving away Albanian and Chamerian territory to Greece is another concession in a string of poor decisions in just one month. It follows the changing of history textbooks in favor of Greece, the offer to build additional cemeteries for Greek soldiers and to support the Greek Minority within Albania. All these one-sided concessions are not reciprocated by the Greek government. Furthermore, the rights of the Cham people are completely ignored in the matters that concerns them most, since it revolves foremost around historical Chamerian territory.

The government of the Republic of Chameria calls upon your administration to refocus the priorities of Albania to better reflect those of the Albanian people as a whole, who are united in their struggle for a better future for their family. Chameria is an integral part of the united Albanian nations in the Balkan and together we must stand for our rights and identity. As you are aware, the Cham issue still lingers and places unjust pressure on the victims who have been denied justice for decades.

We consider it poor political judgment and a lack of true leadership to sell out all our assets and crown jewels to Greece in order to prevent them to block the resumption of the Accession Talks with the European Union. Furthermore, many of the assets historically belong to the Chamerian nation and it is an offence to the Cham people and their suffering to give away what legitimately belongs to them.

We believe that Albania and Chameria should become an integral part of Europe and gain membership of the Union as quickly as possible. However, becoming part of Europe means accepting the European values of human dignity, human rights and democracy. The recent actions by your Administration show a lack of respect for these values and come at the expense of future generation Chams and Albanians.

We therefore call upon you and your Administration to show leadership and guide the Albanian people and nations to a grand future . To this end we deem it necessary that Albania withdraws from the agreement with Greece and instead focuses on getting justice for the Cham by opening a political dialogue on the return of Cham lands, properties and the use of the Albanian language in Chameria.


Festim Lato

President of the Republic of Chameria

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