Book presentation in Dortmund, Germany

In a conference room in Dortmund, Germany on 9 December 2018, a group of Albanian speaking residents from the region around the city came to listen to a number of speakers who talked about recent and historical events in Albania, Kosovo and Chameria. The Republic of Chameria President Festim Lato, as well as Prime-Minister Ali Aliu, attended the event as speakers and explained the historical situation of Chameria. Furthermore, they informed the people about the current and planned activities of the government of the Republic of Chameria. The struggle for freedom and recognition of the Cham people has gained momentum by the advocacy of the president and his supporters and could force a major change in the situation in the region in the upcoming year.

The event in Germany was dedicated to the book presentation by Albanian professor Elena Kocaqi. It was the first presentation of her new book outside of Albania and offered the Albanian speakers in this part of Germany the opportunity to learn more about the content and context of the book, which is called ‘the battle of Troje’. The book, published by Emal Publishing, is a historical investigation of the Trojan war of ancient antiquity. For her book professor Kocaqi delved into the primary sources by authors like Herodotus and through a bibliographic analysis tried to create an insight into the origin and nature of the Peoples involved in the Trojan war, which in her conclusion are related to modern-day Albanians and Kosovar.

In her speech professor Kocaqi, who is also a fervent supporter of the struggle for more recognition of the Cham, explained the genesis of her latest work and how it fits in with her previous historical books. It is her firm belief that publications such as her book on the Trojan war will enable the Albanian speaking people to get a better understanding of their role in Europe’s cultural constellation in the past, but also in the present and future. An objective that has the support of many, including the president of the Republic of Chameria.

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