Chameria Joins UNPO

On 26 to 28 June 2017 president Festim Lato participated in several conferences in Edinburgh, Scotland. These conferences were organised by several Scottish political parties and took place in the Scottish parliament. The first conference on 26 June was titled: Sharing Perspectives on the Rights of the Unrepresented, while the second conference on the 27th of June had as its title: Self-Determination in the Globalised Age: Building Solidarity among the Unrepresented. Both of these conferences focussed on the role that unrepresented nations, like Chameria, play in the current age and how the rights of oppressed and ignored peoples can be promoted.

The conferences coincided with the General Assembly of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation. The UNPO is a membership organisation of underrepresented peoples, nations and states, which was established in 1991 to promote the rights and self-determination of its members. Among its members are nations like Tibet, Abkhazia, Taiwan, West Papua and the Kurds. President Festim Lato attended the General Assembly as a result of a membership application that Chameria made to the UNPO.

On the first day of the UNPO General Assembly on the 27th of June, the members voted in favor of the Chamerian application for membership and Chameria was officially taken in by the organisation as a new member. President Festim Lato held a speech addressing the Assembly, thanking the participants for recognising the plight of the Cham people. He expressed the hope and desire to collectively work towards a better and more equal world in which the rights of all nations and peoples are recognised. 27 June is an important date for the Cham people since it is the day of remembrance of the genocide committed against the Cham people in 1944. President Festim Lato requested the audience to honour this day and hold a minute of silence.

The various events in Edinburgh, Scotland were an excellent opportunity for president Festim Lato to get acquanted with leaders of other unrecognised nations and to look for ways to cooperate on future activities that will be helpful to the people of Chameria and others.

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