Conference in Vlorë, Albania

On 10 December 2017 a manifestation and conference to gather and inform the Cham people about the activities of the government of the Republic of Chameria was held on the central square in Vlorë, Albania. It was organized by the Republic of Chameria President Festim Lato.

A large crowd of over a thousand people from all over Albania and Kosovo came to listen to speeches by the cabinet members of the newly established government of the Republic of Chameria. The speakers included among others Prime-Minister Ali Aliu, Minister of Interior Affairs Rrustem Geci, Minister of Justice Elena Kocaqi and Mr. Jeroen Zandberg representing president Festim Lato. The event was broadcast live on many Albanian television stations. It provided the president an excellent opportunity to explain his political campaign for the freedom and self-determination of the Cham people. This campaign involves raising the human rights issue of the Cham, promoting the language and culture and to create a network of political support among the international community in order to put pressure on the Greek government to open negotiations and to work towards historical justice.

The half-day event also integrated the cultural heritage of the Cham through song and dance. Several famous cultural groups made outstanding performances and the reactions from the gathered crowd show that the Cham culture is still very much alive and vital.





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