Congress Sarande

On Saturday 14 July 2018 the Republic of Chameria organised a congress in Sarande to officially kick-off the construction of the infrastructure of Chameria. Up to one-thousand Cham travelled from all over the region to be part of this historic event. More than a dozen tour busses lined the street in front of the meeting hall. They were greeted by several television crews who filmed the event and broadcast it live.

The Congress started with a speech from the Republic of Chameria president Festim Lato who inspired the audience with his vision of building Chameria to its former glory. It is his vision to make Chameria a modern European nation where economic development is distributed fairly and where people can enjoy the highest living standards. Much of the infrastructure of the region has not been developed and the Republic of Chameria has taken up the task to deliver these essential services.

Ten official speakers each held a speech about an aspect of Chameria. Firstly, Prime-Minister Ali Aliu took the stage and explained about the activities of the government and the actions that have been taken. The speech of the Prime-Minister was followed by a presentation by the diplomat Jeroen Zandberg who presented the international political activities of the president of the Republic of Chameria, Festim Lato. Many activities have been done in Europe, the USA and Israel where president Festim Lato met many top political leaders and presented his case to several foreign affairs and international relations committtees. After the summer the president will continue with his activities for Chameria and will focus on the United Nations as well, where he will participate in several meetings and will hold a speech at the UN.

Minister of Justice Elena Kocaqi, Salman Berisha and Rexhep Abazi presented a cultural and historical view of Chameria where they connected the history with the present and a bright future. The president of the football federation of Chameria, Arben Arkaxhiu, explained the situation of the national football team of the Republic of Chameria. The team had just played two matches against professional Albanian teams in the past days and is preparing for more official matches in September.

Ms Petra Keppler from the Bertha von Suttner peace institute in The Hague, the Netherlands also took part in the conference and offered her views and support for the peace inititiatves that the president of the Republic of Chameria has started.

The Congress also served as a kick-off for the preparations for the 75th year of the commemoration of the genocide of the Cham people in 1944. The main event will be next year, 27 June 2019, and in the run up to this historic day the Republic of Chameria has scheduled several major events like international conferences, demonstrations and meetings, as well as a travelling photo exhibition.

The Congress concluded with the moderator presenting certificates to many of the main active supporters of the Republic of Chameria. Each person received a certificate signed by president Festim Lato showing gratitude for all they have done.

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