Debate with European Commissioner

Today, 29 April 2019, the Republic of Chameria president Festim Lato attended a conference in the European Parliament on the future of Europe.  This conference was structured as a dialogue between the European Commission and the public.

Commissioner Tibor Navracsics explained the position and activities of the Commission related to culture, sports and education in the European Union. For the past five years the Commissioner has worked on strengthening the European Education Area, enabling people to find the best education to further their career, as well as economic growth. A proper education provides people the ability to make the most out of their abilities. It also ensures that people can find their place in society and cooperatively work towards a sustainable and prosperous future. The Commissioner is also in charge of the cultural and sports sector and he explained his activities to promote and support the development of culture.

The areas of education, culture and sports are of vital importance to create a shared public space where people work together and recognise each other as part of the same community; both on an EU level as on national and regional scale. The activities of the EU on education, culture and sports have a major impact on the situation in Chameria and on the Cham community.

Firstly, it has been one of the main objectives of president Festim Lato to inform the decision makers in Europe of the marginalisation of the Cham-Albanian language in public administration and in education. For example, last month the president participated in a conference in the European Parliament which addressed this issue. He explained the situation of the Cham and their calls for the implementation of the European values across the entire continent and to find remedies for the historical injustice committed against the Cham community. It is important that the Cham-Albanian language is used in education.

Secondly, the protection and promotion of the Cham culture has been a high priority of the president, since it is an essential element of the continued existence of the community. The president and others therefore frequently organise cultural activities and also participate in debates to discuss options on safeguarding the Cham culture from neglect and oppression.

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