Debate with the Luxembourg Prime-Minister

Today, 2 May 2018, Republic of Chameria president Festim Lato was in Luxembourg to exchange views with its Prime-minister, Xavier Bettel, on the future of European cooperation and the digital agenda.

The various topics included new policies to combat cyberthreats, continuous digital education, especially for those outside the main centers of Europe, and investment plans drawn up by the European Commission to increase the digital competitiveness of Europe.

The Luxembourg Prime-minister also explained that their government has set up a digital embassy that functions as a complete version of the governmental institutions and acts as a repository and backup. President Festim Lato intends to use the same plan for the Embassy of Chameria where it will become the full repository of all the institutions of government. The small, but very succesful country of Luxembourg lies at the heart of Europe and is very open to European cooperation and to find a solution to the Cham issue within the EU framework.

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