Festim Lato Meets Hans van Baalen, Eduard Kukan and Csaba Sogor

The Republic of Chameria President Festim Lato was at the European Parliament today, 5 March 2019, in order to have meetings and attend several events taking place in the Parliament.

It was also an excellent occasion to meet up with several of the high profile parliamentarians who were supportive in aiding president Festim Lato in bringing the Cham issue in the European Parliament in 2018. The Cham issue is a prime example of the struggle to implement the European values across the entire continent. The rights of the Cham community have been ignored and trampled on for decades without serious action from European actors in trying to remedy the historical injustice against the Cham community.

The ethnic cleansing of the Cham community from their homeland Chameria and the subsequent confiscation of their properties by the Greek government, as well as the inability of the Cham refugees to return home, were never adequately addressed by the international community. Due to the actions of president Festim Lato and the support by numerous parliamentarians in the European Parliament, finally a political momentum was created to open up the Cham issue and come to a fair arrangement that does justice to the Cham community. The support for and the presentation in 2018 by several parliamentarians of the motion addressing the lack of freedom of movement of the Cham who were born in Chameria and who are still unable to travel to their places of birth is a prime example of the increased interests that the European Parliament has in solving the Cham issue and make the European values truly universal and reform the mentality across the Balkan.

President Festim Lato is very grateful for the support by the many parliamentarians for the Cham issue. Today Festim Lato met with several of them.

MEP Hans VAN BAALEN, former president of Liberal International and current president of the ALDE party
MEP Csaba SOGOR and Festim Lato
MEP Eduard KUKAN, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia and the United Nations Special Envoy for the Balkans from 1991 to 2001

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