President Festim Lato Meets German Minister Peter Altmaier

On Thursday 6 September 2018, the Republic of Chameria President Festim Lato attended a high profile event in The Hague, the Netherlands, with many prominent political leaders present. At this yearly event the German Minister of Economy and Energy, Peter Altmaier, delivered a speech and engaged in an interactive dialogue with the audience.

Minister Altmaier is a senior member of the cabinet of Chancellor Angela Merkel. He has served in all of her cabinets and is considered to be her most trusted advisor and support in Germany’s most difficult political issues, like the immigration crisis and the energy transition.

The German Minister showed himself a genuine European with an international and humane view of local, national and international politics. In the modern era even Germany is a relatively small country and needs to be part of a coalition to be successful in securing its interests. The Minister explained his views as well as provided several examples of how he tries to implement political actions based on this win-win situation where Germany acts together with its allies in making the world a more proseprous and safe place.

Afterwards, there was time to discuss the various international political issues, among which the situation of the Cham community. President Festim Lato was able to briefly describe the political and human rights situation of the Cham to Minister Altmaier. Since he is a leading member of the German government it is very important that there is greater awareness of the Cham issue with them. President Festim Lato is glad to have been able to bring up the Cham issue to the Minister in their conversation and derives hope for greater support by the German government from the Minister’s positive response towards the application of European values in all political issues. Germany plays a key role in making the Cham issue a political topic in the relations of Greece and Albania with the rest of Europe. President Festim Lato is confident that Germany will take its responsibility as a European leader and bring peace and justice to the peoples of the Balkans.


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