President Festim Lato Meets Leaders of the European Parliament and the EPP

On 24 January 2018, President Festim Lato attended a high-profile gala in Brussels with the leaders of the European Peoples Party (EPP) and the European Parliament. The gala was held in one of the most prestigious halls in Brussels and the topic that most of the participants addressed was at least as ambitious, namely what the future of Europe will be and what the role of the Union can be in world affairs.

The focus of the evening was on success and how the historical achievements made in making Europe more united, prosperous and safe can offer an inspiration to the new class of politicians and activists to continue with the European project. Talking about the future often leads to talking about the past, but Europe has much to contribute to the 21st century.

Chameria also places its hopes on the European Union and its values of human rights, dignity, democracy and the Rule of Law. For that reason president Festim Lato attended this gala event and was able to discuss the options for getting justice for the Cham people with many of the top leaders in Europe. The EPP is the largest political group in the European Parliament and consists of the Christian democratic and conservative parties in the Union. In politics bigger is better and gaining support from the EPP is therefore high on the agenda of president Festim Lato.

President Festim Lato met with the president of the European Peoples Party, Mr. Joseph Daul, who was very responsive to the calls to bring Chameria on the political agenda and make it a European issue that should be resolved based on European values and methods.

President Festim Lato also met with the Secretary General of the European Parliament, Mr. Klaus Welle, to present the Cham issue. The Secretary General is a strong proponent of a European identity backed by the EU institutions which bring freedom to all its citizens. The hope is that the issue of Chameria can soon become an issue in these institutions.

EPP President Joseph Daul and the Republic of Chameria President Festim Lato


Secretary General of the European Parliament Klaus Welle and The Republic of Chameria President Festim Lato

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