President Festim Lato Meets with the Leaders of the European Socialists and Democrats

On 23 January 2018, Festim Lato, the president of the Republic of Chameria, met several key political leaders from the social-democrats in Europe. In the European Parliament in Brussels president Festim Lato attended a conference and had several meetings and discussions with parliamentarians and policy analysts and advisers. These meetings are part of the campaign to garner support for the cause of the Cham and put the issue on the political agenda.

President Festim Lato met Mr. Sergei Stanishev, the former prime-minister of Bulgaria and now the president of the PES, the party for the Socialists and Democrats in Europe. During their meeting, president Festim Lato explained the current and historical situation of Chameria and presented president Stanishev with documentation of the Cham issue.

The body of support for the Cham issue is growing and the Socialists and Democrats headed by president Stanishev have a social and European heart. Undoubtedly the Socialist and Democratic political family in Europe will support the campaign to get historical justice for Chameria. The Socialists and Democrats are the second biggest political family in Europe and they have a large presence both in the European Parliament as well as in most national parliaments all over Europe.

The Socialists and Democrats are heading the Progressive Alliance which aims to bring together all parties and movements with a social view of European- and world affairs in order to make an impact. The Republic of Chameria is strongly in favor of making Europe more social and inclusive and will gladly work with the groups within the Progressive Alliance.

The President of the Socialists and Democrats, Mr. Stanishev is also the former prime-minister of Bulgaria and they are for six months heading the European Presidency. One of the main issues of the Bulgarian Presidency is the further integration of the (Western) Balkans into the European Union. Accession talks with those countries in the Balkan who are not yet a member have restarted and will enter a new phase during the next couple of months. The issue of Chameria is an integral part of these talks. If there is something that the history of the Balkan has shown is that only when all issues are addressed in the open and justice includes all the regions peoples’ can there be peace in the Balkan. The president of the Republic of Chameria, Festim Lato has a fully packed agenda to put the Cham issue on the agenda during the Bulgarian Presidency.

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