President Festim Lato Participates in Political Event in Nijmegen, the Netherlands

President Festim Lato participated in a political event organised by the Dutch liberal party D66 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands on 27 August 2018.

The event provided the opportunity to discuss the upcoming European elections with the candidates for the Party’s leadership. In an interactive dialogue with the audience the potential leaders of the Liberal Party’s list for the European elections shared their vision of how the EU should function clear.

Three political heavyweights are in an electoral struggle for the leadership of the Party at the European Parliament elections of May 2019. The current leader and seasoned veteran Ms. Sophie in ’t Veldt is also the vice-chairperson of ALDE in the European Parliament. The second candidate, Ms Marietje Schaake, also has considerable experience at the European Parliament. She has played an important role in the negotiations of the EP for TTIP and is an advocate for digital rights and freedoms in Europe and worldwide. The third candidate is Mr. Felix Klos who has made a name for himself as a speech writer of Mr Pechtold, the political leader of the liberal party D66 in the Dutch parliament.

The Republic of Chameria president Festim Lato seized the opportunity to talk to the three potential leaders to explain the Cham situation and how the Liberal Party in Europe could support the issue and force a breakthrough in the frozen conflict that needs to be peacefully resolved in order for the peoples in the Balkan to become truly part of the European community.

President Festim Lato is certain that the winner of the Party elections will defend the rights of the neglected communities of Europe and help bring justice to the Cham people.

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