President Festim Lato Visits Israel

During a three day visit to Israel, president Festim Lato went to the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament) and met with a number of Israeli officials. The objective of the visit was to inform key political, religious, business and community leaders of the situation of the Cham community and receive support for its resolution.

During his meetings in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in the fourth week of October 2018, the president explained the human rights situation of the Cham people as well as the political activities the Republic of Chameria is implementing to promote the wellbeing of the Cham community. Furthermore, the great economic potential of Chameria as well as its citizens was discussed. With the proper leadership as well as international support, Chameria can become a succesful and prosperous part of Europe. The visit strengthened and expanded the president’s network of influential Israeli and Jewish leaders around the world.

Israel is a safe, succesful, democratic country which is able to promote the interests and wellbeing of the Israeli population. Israel is also an example for the Republic of Chameria in another way. The Jewish people have an age old history of persecution and have been expelled from their traditional homeland almost two-thousand years ago. Over a hundred years ago several Jewish leaders had a dream for their people to return to the promised land and despite much hardship the state of Israel as the homeland of the Jews was created in 1948 and many could return to their ancestral lands.

Chameria is the homeland of the Cham people from which they were expelled. Through president Festim Lato’s dedicated political action, it is hoped that the Cham diaspora will eventually all be able to return and make Chameria a shining beacon for the world and a safe haven for the Cham people.

East Med Pipeline

East Med Gas Pipeline

President Festim Lato visited Israel with the knowledge that the country is becoming increasingly important in the southern Balkans. The Israeli Prime-minister Benjamin Netanyahu has met his counterparts of Cyprus and Greece on several occasions in the past year as part of the planned East-Med pipeline. This pipeline will connect the gas fields in the Israeli territorial waters with Western Europe. The pipeline will go through (the waters of) Cyprus and Greece and land in Chameria. From Chameria the pipeline will go to southern Italy where it will be connected to the existing European oil and gas infrastructure. The situation of Chameria has therefore also become a major geostrategic issue. An important opportunity that the president will turn into an asset for the Cham people.

Expanding the network

During his visit to Israel, the president was able to inform political and business leaders of the opportunities that the Republic of Chameria can offer. Several organisations and persons agreed on varying degrees of cooperation and partnership.

Finally, president Festim Lato also met with Israelis who trace their origin to Albania and Greece where a large Jewish diaspora used to live.

The increasing support for Chameria that comes from Israel and international Jewish leaders is a vital source of hope and inspiration that the Cham will soon no longer be a victim but will have the future in their own hands.

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