President Festim Lato Visits the Dutch Parliament

The Republic of Chameria President Festim Lato visited the Dutch parliament today (7 March 2018) for meetings with several diplomatic advisers and parliamentarians. The president also participated in a meeting with the Israeli Ambassador to the Netherlands and representatives of the main Dutch political parties.

A key topic of the main meeting was the move of US president Trump to relocate the US Embassy to Jerusalem. The debate focused on the consequences of this move and what the European countries should do to improve peace and security in the region and to honor the rights of peoples.

The Netherlands is supporting Israel and the Palestinians in areas of their expertise; mainly energy, water and border crossings.

A recurring issue raised by the ambassador was the lack of recognition of the facts, and the historical rights of the Jewish people to their land and identity. This has many similarities with the lack of international recognition offered to the Cham people.

Just like the Israelis, the Cham follow an independent strategy to come to a just and fair place for the Cham people in the international arena. Free from oppression.

From a position of strength and sense of historical justice the Republic of Chameria works on all the facets of nation-building. The way that Israel established itself is an inspiration to all and also provides a model, especially where it comes to the main elements of what makes a nation, like language, culture and an independent political economy.

Furthermore, President Festim Lato had several other discussions at the parliament about the Cham issue, especially where it came to the recognition of the historical rights of the Cham people and how this can be progressed with additional support from Dutch parliamentarians and institutions.

The Netherlands is a modern nation and the Dutch government is internationally very active and capable. It also has in its constitution the duty to promote international law and human rights. There are many institutions, politicians and activists who support issues like that of the Cham.

For many years the Netherlands has been open to the struggle of a free and democratic Cham people. The Republic of Chameria was established at a conference in The Hague and it has held many events and demonstrations there; since it is the international capital of law and peace as well as the seat of the Dutch government. The Embassy of the Republic of Chameria is also located in The Hague.

The Republic of Chameria President Festim Lato is convinced that the network he is currently expanding in the Netherlands will be an important pillar of the struggle for freedom of Chameria.

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