President Festim Lato Visits the Norwegian Parliament

After several days of fruitful meetings with representatives of academic institutions and non-governmental organisations the president and his delegation visited the Norwegian Parliament, the Stortinget, in Oslo on 21 September 2018 in order to inform the democratic political parties of the Cham issue and to see what possibilities there are for the Norwegian lawmakers to support the cause for peace in the Balkans and to get the Cham issue on the international political agenda.

President Festim Lato and his delegation consisting of Prime-Minister Ali Aliu and Diplomat Jeroen Zandberg, visited the Norwegian parliament and amongst others met the political advisor of the conservative party who was very knowledgeable about international political affairs and open to the possibility of a political dialogue whereby the Cham issue can be discussed in a democratic and open framework. The discussion focussed on the need for recognition of the other’s existence as well as the various options to work towards a future whereby the past supports the peaceful development of nations and peoples in a win-win environment. There are many activities that the various political parties have planned for the near future, which might provide openings for the Cham issue to be peacefully resolved.

The Norwegian government has been an important international political actor for decades. It has a clear and independent voice in international affairs. Furthermore, it is widely respected as a peacebroker and mediator who proved capable of resolving international conflicts that seemed unsolvable. It is the deep desire and belief of the Republic of Chameria president Festim Lato that the Cham issue will be taken to the next level with the help of a country like Norway, which can be a mediator for peace.

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