President Hands Out First Chamerian Passports

On 7 February 2019, the first batch of newly designed and produced passports of the Republic of Chameria was unveiled by president Festim Lato at the Embassy in The Hague, the Netherlands.

The government of the Republic of Chameria was officially established after the declaration of independence on 30 October 2016. Since then the president has made it his duty to erect all the government services of the newly established country and make them available to the Cham community. An indispensable service that the government can provide its citizens is the provision of official identity documents. With the release of the new Republic of Chameria passport this has turned into a reality.

Last year the president ordered the design and production of new passports for the Republic of Chameria. These passports need to be printed according to the latest technological standards and be able to conform to international norms of privacy, interconnectivity of data and maximum security. After an intensive search, president Festim Lato signed an agreement for the design and production of the Republic of Chameria passport with one of the leading international printers of official identity papers for nations like Chameria. The entire process took numerous months.

The new diplomatic passports of the Republic of Chameria

After a long time, the day finally came when the new passports were printed and ready to be presented. On 7 February 2019, president Festim Lato was able to present the first new passport for the Republic of Chameria. This passport has all the features required for a state-of-the-art identity document.

The diplomatic passport of president Festim Lato

The next batch of passports will soon be presented and distributed to other citizens of the Republic of Chameria. For more information about citizenship and the passports click here.

A short video where president Festim Lato elaborates on the presentation of the new passports of the Republic of Chameria is here:

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