Republika E Çamërisë Televizion (RÇTV) Launched

The Republic of Chameria has launched an official television channel that will broadcast events, interviews and documentaries related to the activities of the president and his government. The channel is named: Republika E Çamërisë Televizion (RÇTV)

In one of the first interviews of RÇTV, the Republic of Chameria president Festim Lato, standing in front of the International Criminal Court, declares that he will stand up for the rights of the Cham community who are discriminated against by the Albanian government.

Activities by the Republic of Chameria are deliberately hindered by the Albanian government, which was made clear by the arrests of nine people on 13 July 2018. They were peacefully preparing for the grand opening of the Cham House of Peace in Vërvë. Despite this attempt to stop this momentous occasion for the Cham people, the Republic of Chameria went through with the event which marked the start of a new chapter in the struggle of the Cham community to return to their rightful place.

The president is now lobbying the international institutions to address the discrimination and harassment of the Cham by the Albanian government.

RÇTV will closely follow his activities and share it with the people.

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