New Ambassador and Consul Appointed in Belgium

On 14 March 2019, the president of the Republic of Chameria, Festim Lato, had the honour to appoint Mr. Guido BOUT as Ambassador for the Republic of Chameria in Belgium. At the same time Mr. Rudi WYNEN was appointed consul for the Republic of Chameria in Belgium.

Ambassador Guido Bout is a Belgian national and has been active for several decades in bringing companies, local, regional and state governments together in order to create platforms that increase international cooperation and development. He has worked with president Festim Lato on several projects and participated in the conference on 9 March 2019 in Vlorë, Albania, where he informed the audience about the economic development opportunities that Albania and Chameria have.

President Festim Lato and Ambassador Guido Bout

Consul Rudi Wynen is a successful businessman in Flanders and an enthusiastic networker to promote the interests of various business and societal groups in order to come to a more inclusive society and a modern, highly development civic space in Belgium and abroad, with an emphasis on various African nations.

President Festim Lato and Consul Rudi Wynen

It is hoped that the newly appointed ambassador and consul will be able to use their skills, experience, network and determination to move the issue of Chameria forward and get greater self-determination and development for the new nation. President Festim Lato expects to work closely with the new representatives.

Chameria has great potential for economic development and is strategically located with opportunities abound. Besides a great potential for tourism and Mediterranean agriculture it also has a geographical and strategic resource with the harbour of Igoumenitsa and the planned East-Med Pipeline which will bring gas from the territorial waters of Israel and Cyprus through Greece to Igoumenitsa, from where it will be transported to southern Italy and connected to the European energy infrastructure.

Ambassador Guido Bout and President Festim Lato
President Festim Lato and Consul Rudi Wynen
Ambassador Guido Bout and Prime-Minister Ali Aliu
Prime-Minister Ali Aliu and Consul Rudi Wynen
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